Group Overview

HA Technologies

HA technologies consists of a team of highly professional individuals committed to performing the optimum quality of tasks for our clients. HA-Technologies Pvt Ltd takes pride in saying that it is amongst the best IT organizations and Software companies worldwide.

The aim of the company is to practice a very high standard of business, and to satisfy its esteemed clients to the best of its capabilities.


Sales Lead Generation Company
Leads360 is an innovatively powered sales lead generation company. It delivers results, swiftly and effectively, and excels at its core specialty; the unique ability to professionally target and captivate desired engagement, through means of sales, marketing, business development, reputation management and leads generation. all of which consistently materializes into highly qualified sales opportunities.

SEO Islamabad

At SEO Islamabad, the company has served over 200 trusted clients from all over the world.

We have over ten years of experience

We value integrity
We offer advanced strategies and solutions
We have customized solutions for each client
We offer our services at economical rates