Group Overview

A Deeper Insight

Husnain Ali serves as the founder of three, very affluent companies; HA Technologies, Leads360, and SEO Islamabad.


HA technologies consists of a team of highly professional individuals committed to performing the optimum quality of tasks for our clients. HA-Technologies Pvt Ltd takes pride in saying that it is amongst the best IT organizations and Software companies worldwide.

The aim of the company is to practice a very high standard of business, and to satisfy its esteemed clients to the best of its capabilities. On the company’s website, you can easily navigate many solutions to several problems related to technology and IT.

The company offers it’s services in the domains of website design and development, graphic designing, application development, and social media design, amongst others.


Leads360 is an innovatively powered sales lead generation company. It delivers results, swiftly and effectively, and excels at its core specialty; the unique ability to professionally target and captivate desired engagement, through means of sales, marketing, business development, reputation management and leads generation. Based on the absolute trust developed with clients, Leads36O proves to be an integral part of their marketing strategies, business to business interactions as well as high ticket solutions, all of which consistently materializes into highly qualified sales opportunities.

An environment reflective of client value, the highest standards and true partnership within its client’s as well as its own company, is what Leads360 persistently seeks to maintain and uphold. The team of professionals available, is well equipped with a comprehensive and unique skill set of marketing techniques and remain vested in the success of client engagements. Stemming from 10 + years of experience, they have been persistently tested, tried and further strengthened with real time encounters in the market. Leads360 initiates market growth and business expansion, by allowing each company to explore, collaborate and succeed, within a sphere of individuality and exclusivity.

Leads360 offers an evolutionary dimension to effective sales lead generation, employing affluent marketing techniques. Efficiently integrating a visionary marketing strategy with creative capabilities, its comprehensive B2B campaigns win – back and retain, generate leads, assist companies in the broadening and
diversification of their customer pool, as well as the construction of an optimal sales team performance.


At SEO Islamabad, the company has served over 200 trusted clients from all over the world. The team absolutely loves taking up new challenges, and has a deep, thorough understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and thus can help you generate a strong online presence. The aim is not merely to get your company to the top, but to help you maintain it as well. We listen to what you need and your goals and base our solutions on it.

Our component SEO team has worked in industries like real estate, fashion, medicine, insurance, and service-oriented companies.

Here are some reasons why you should choose us:

  • ->We have over ten years of experience
  • ->We value integrity
  • ->We offer advanced strategies and solutions
  • ->We have customized solutions for each client
  • ->We complete our projects within the given deadline
  • ->We ensure business confidentiality
  • ->We offer our services at economical rates