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Husnain embodies an exemplary statute of one of the youngest, successful CEO’s in the country. The boy who, in the face of more than 20 downfalls, preserved with charisma and passion, is now influencing the corporate sphere, hand in hand with his “winning mentality.”

Husnain embodies an exemplary statute of one of the youngest, successful CEO’s in the country. The boy who, in the face of more than 20 downfalls, preserved with charisma and passion, is now influencing the corporate sphere, hand in hand with his “winning mentality.”

At the trifling age of 16, Husnain was already exploring his first step as an entrepreneur. Trading in his childhood years, for the exhilaration of accomplishment, he began to shoulder the responsibilities and struggles of a man, expanding himself beyond his years. As the eldest son, he was incessantly exposed to the additional burden of supporting his family. Where some may crumple under pressure – Husnain – with nerves of steel, through sheer resilience, channeled these hurdles into the culmination of something exceptional.

His winning mentality lends him the remarkable ability to continuously shine through, when faced with a challenge. Seeking out these opportunities, he breathes innovation and diversification.


Now, he is not only a pioneering, leading IT consultant, but also a success coach, trainer, and distinguished sales coach, who is fortifying his imprint on the world by helping thousands across the globe unlock their full potential.

A man of philanthropy, his desire to contribute is boundless. He truly believes his success is a combination of benevolence and commitment. His work ethic and drive for excellence is his source of motivation, alongside his vision to up haul the IT sector across Pakistan, and revamp it to the next level.

As a young entrepreneur who was able to firmly seize success despite all odds, Husnain primarily focuses on character building and helps youth see the brighter side, and their best selves. He drives them to mirror their goals and ambitions, and mentors them to effectively resonate a career – oriented attitude. With all the obstacles that have herded him through life, his empathy for students who may be struggling, as well as ascertaining him a positive model of influence, makes him an invaluable asset for the educational sector.


The winning mentality that propelled Husnain forward, is a force of intellectual inertia that has the ability to scale businesses to unperceivable heights. Through an inbuilt, learning mechanism, employees at all tiers within an organization, can learn to effectively use this winning mentality to power through, and take advantage of the full extent of their capabilities, harnessing exponential growth for the business.

This winning mentality plucks people, transforms them into winners, and passionately hurls them into the realization of their best selves, raising revolutionary talent within the ranks of a business operation.

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Free Short Consultancy Session

A free short consultancy session with Husnain, offers a bird eye view of your business. This session offers dynamic, invaluable insight into strategies, game plans & more, spanning digital solutions, fail – safe methods to scale your business, IT concerns, as well as funnel strategies. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, his sterling expertise will rigorously jump start your business, & harness profits to hit record highs.

Digital Marketing Training 

Digital marketing is a multi – fold platform continuously exploring innovation, with ingenuity. Technically referring to all online marketing efforts and assets, this unconventional form of marketing preserves at heart, the core quintessence of traditional marketing.

Businesses, over the years, have had to yield to a refreshingly modern era of digitization, & are now far more reliant on digital marketing techniques.

The question of – do I really need to incorporate the use of digital marketing? Could flit through one’s mind, causing them to pause and think – how does this offer something different?

The fact of the matter is – to flourish, a business needs diversification, & to drive forward with multifarious tenacity, an online presence is a must have, a true requisite. Moreover, people may wonder – does this form truly ensure success? Well, digital marketing allows you to acquire more leads, reach out to audiences across the globe, and leave your footprint across the world – right at home!

Other than offering a convenient solution, this tool has powered several businesses to up haul their entire operations online, with highly profitable results! 

We understand entrusting your business in the hands of someone new can be daunting. So, why Husnain?

Husnain emphasizes on this lucrative forte & is proficient in the digital language. He has been the sole orchestrator, planner and implementer behind pushing forward breakthroughs for numerous businesses, & offers a variety of tips and tricks that refurbish a simple technique, into an incredibly successful campaign. With an eye for details, his intricate processes indelibly ground, strengthen and propel your business, making him a sought- after trainer.

Continually metamorphosing existing methodologies, Husnain creatively ventures onto unprecedented digital territories, crafting an utterly brand new, contemporary model for your business, trailing a startling BANG in its wake.

He effectively manifests leadership in building a vision for change and architects a culture for innovation to thrive

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