Each individual hosts a realm of possibilities within them. An organization is filled to the brim with employees hosting hidden talents, untapped vigor and sparks that have been stowed away

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Husnain is an ambitious, assiduous, and pioneering professional, with over 10 + years of experience in the realm of full stack Digital Marketing, IT Consultancy & Specialization, Automation expertise, Growth Hacking and Development. He is the ingenious CEO and Founder of HA-Technologies, SEO Islamabad, Digital Transformers and Democracy Watch.

Having worked with numerous globally renowned organizations, and overlooking the successful execution of a pivotal Government initiative – Clean Green Pakistan, Husnain is a meticulous perfectionist in terms of digital automation, and navigates each project through a process & domain specific technique, to streamline solutions and surmount to a stellar quality explication.

His skill set is exceedingly diverse, and dynamic – continually seeking innovation. He is a sought-after trainer and qualified transformational speaker, recognized by his dept. entrepreneurship approach. A certified success coach, corporate trainer and CMMI Associate (USA), Husnain Ali holds the sterling capability to expedite the scale of a business in real terms.

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Husnain was one of the top 15 trainers selected by Qaiser Abbas in his ‘train the trainer’ journey. His firm grip on DARE Coaching Framework enables him to help his clients envision the big picture and fiercely unleash their true potential. After a mere execution of the first stage, he proceeded to train over 30,000 young, aspiring IT professionals.

His business coaching capabilities have accomplished the establishment and nurturing of startups from the ground up, incorporating the visionary assets of strategic planning, negotiation, team building and team leading.

As the sole initiator of ‘Continuous Revenue Stream for Influencers in Pakistan’, he has keenly structured consistent solutions to firms looking to automate their business and generate leads for businesses exponential growth. He has championed the consumer centric approach and offers his experienced counsel and advisory services to help businesses affirmatively, on a decision – making level.


There’s only one promise you have to make – aim high

Husnain embodies an exemplary statute of one of the youngest, successful CEO’s in the country. The boy who, in the face of more than 20 downfalls, preserved with charisma and passion, is now influencing the corporate sphere, hand in hand with his “winning mentality.”

At the trifling age of 16, Husnain was already exploring his first step as an entrepreneur. Trading in his childhood years, for the exhilaration of accomplishment, he began to shoulder the responsibilities and struggles of a man, expanding himself beyond his years. As the eldest son, he was incessantly exposed to the additional burden of supporting his family. Where some may crumple under pressure – Husnain – with nerves of steel, through sheer resilience, channeled these hurdles into the culmination of something exceptional.

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Husnain Ali.

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